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Architectural Wood Refinishing
Looking for a Architectural Refinishing Contractor?
The EFC Company can offer one-time service with a complete evaluation of your wood, from normal wear and tear as well as vandalism.  Our experienced service team will repair and refinish, your wood panels, furniture or handrails back to its original natural beauty and luster. Aside from a one-time fix we can customize a maintenance program to keep your elevator panels, handrails, baseboards and furniture looking its best at all times. Don’t need a complete makeover? Performing a touch-up to elevator wall panels with custom filling and grain matching is a specialty of ours. Many customers utilize our monthly or quarterly services to stay within the budget guidelines and ensure an elegant appearance on all of their wood surfaces.
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Complete Architectural Wood Refinishing - Commercial and Residential

Wood can bring a sense of warmth and richness to a building that no other architectural surface can match. Combine that with the fact that wood is not as durable as Metal or Stone, and you can see why our Wood Restoration services are so popular.

  • As an architectural accent wood is often used in elevator cabs, reception desks, conference tables, trim and doors, areas that traditionally get the most abuse in commercial buildings.

  • Our highly trained wood crews use traditional woodworking skills mixed with modern wood restoration technology to repair, refinish or touch up your lobby areas, conference rooms, elevators, doors, trim, furniture, wall panels, handrails and more.

  • And we do all of this on site either as part of a monthly maintenance program or as a one-time service.

There is an art to working with wood. And because every job is different based on the type of wood used, it takes specially trained artists with a great eye to match the many colors and grains of architectural wood finishes. That’s why our wood crews go through intense training and attend classes to stay up on the newest restoration techniques.

Our knowledgable Account Representatives can assess your wood surfaces and make recommendations depending on your needs.

  • We offer many services covering a wide variety of wood surfaces such as veneers and solid hardwoods like cherry, oak, mahogany, maple, walnut, and hickory.

  • Oftentimes a complete maintenance program is not necessary. We may advise a one-time refinishing, touch up or a complete restoration consisting of stripping off the old finish, sanding, repairing damaged areas, staining and re-coating.

  • In some cases, because of exposure to extreme weather or significant wear and tear, a custom maintenance program may be the best solution. This may include regularly scheduled touch ups, complete restorations and monthly cleaning and polishing.

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Complete Wood Refinishing – Commercial and Residential.
– Vandalism
– Scratches
– One Time Restoration
– On Site Furniture Restoration
– Color Changes
– Stripping, Staining and refinishing


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